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Paul and Greg

gayParship thank you, you have worked magic. In only 4 dates and in only 2 weeks of being a member I struck gold, that is pretty amazing!

Paul and Greg

“I had resisted using the Internet to find a partner for years, but last November took the plunge and worked my way through a few sites, they only achieved indifferent results. Then I found gayParship. I don't know where I found it? but it sat uninvestigated in ‘My Favourites’ for a few months until one day this autumn I went into the home page and intrigued, completed  the multiple choice questions and discovered that I had found a site I liked using. It was quirky. Not seeing the guy you were smiling at, seeing only a blurred image. It forced me to look closely at the profiles and of course the comparability percentages - they encouraged me to look seriously at the men sent as recommendations.

I enjoyed sending smiles and ice-breakers. I spent the first week working through all the recommendations and making contact with the guy’s I liked the sound of. Then I took the plunge and made a date. The first one on a Sunday for afternoon coffee. Whilst the guy was not really suitable I was not put off.  I went home and started filling in more dates.

A Tuesday meeting and then on the Friday a lunch time coffee and a five o'clock meet for wine. It was that Friday evening wine where I hit gold, it was an instant attraction.  I had met a man I could marry, whatever you are doing at gayParship, it really works.  I had finally met a man of integrity, honesty, warmth, wit, was fun to be with, handsome, sexy, uncomplicated.

We have been dating for two months and it just keeps getting better. Gregg and I are 74% compatible and that is about the perfect number, it’s comforting being together on the same page, especially since meeting we have both been changing jobs and homes or that should be in Gregg’s case, ‘House boat’, events that have been very stressful. That 74% has been a blessing.  However, I do think you need the 26% incompatibility. It’s no bad thing; it keeps you on your toes.    So gayParship thank you, you have worked magic, in only 4 dates and in only 2 weeks of being a member, that is pretty amazing”.

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