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Kathrin, 28 & Sally, 27

Find that needle in a haystack.


If I’m completely honest, to begin with I was quite sceptical about internet dating. But equally, I was stuck in a romantic rut so, after much prompting from friends, I decided to give it a go. I chose Parship because of the compatibility scoring they offered, hoping it would help me find that needle in a haystack…

 It didn’t take long. I’d only been on one other date when Sally and I started exchanging messages. At first it was quite casual, but as the weeks passed I began to look forward to her e-mails more and more, checking my inbox with increasing frequency. We’re both really busy people so it took a month or so before we contrived to set up a date (Kung Fu Panda 2!).

But on the day-disaster struck! Running late from work, I missed my train.  Even worse, I’d forgotten to charge my phone, which died just at the crucial moment. Half an hour late, hot and bothered-would she still be there? She was. Leaning on a fruit machine with tickets in hand, she put me at my ease straight away-something that was to become a recurring theme in our relationship.

We did miss the trailers but laughed all the way through the film and by the time the credits rolled I’d forgotten all about my day from hell. Several drinks later we decided a second date was in order and the next Saturday duly found us making our leisurely way round the National Media Museum.

Just like our e-mails we found we had plenty to say to each other in person, as well as lots of common ground. Dates 3, 4 and 5 followed in rapid succession and it was soon obvious to me that I was onto something good. Luckily for me, she agreed.

It is now 4 months on and we’re already planning for the future. Having indulged a shared love of travel with a long weekend in Paris last month, we’re now busy planning a longer trip to Australia to visit family-hers and mine-next year.

So-if anyone out there is reading this and in two minds about internet dating, my advice would definitely be to jump in and give it a whirl! It certainly worked for us!


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