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Men don't respond to my emails, why?

Men don't respond to my emails, why?

Dr Paula,

I’ve been sending lots of emails to guys but I hardly get any responses. Is there something wrong with my messages? Jason

Dear Jason

I’ve had a look at your messages and I think the problem is that they’re not personal enough. If people are to take you seriously, they need to feel that you’re writing to them because you like something about them, not because you’re just emailing everyone with the same generic message. So when you contact people you should show what it is that attracted you to them –this will help build a connection. You should also not give out your personal email address or suggest you speak on messenger until you’ve exchanged 4-5 messages. You see, scammers always try to get people to contact them off our system as soon as possible (because they know that we will delete their profiles very soon) so a generic message with the offer of a personal email address will make most people suspicious. Best Wishes, Paula

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