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First date

First date? How exciting!

Where will you go? We’ve had a chat in the office and asked some friends to come up with a few diverse suggestions for a first date. As soon as we started we realised there were so many things our suggestions ought to depend upon which we won’t know, like whether it’s your first first date.

First date ideas


Anyway here are a few ideas that me love and hopefully there’ll be something that will give you the spark of inspiration you need.

We all agreed that it is so good to show you’ve been listening to your man when you plan that important first date. If he has talked about something he really likes then won’t it be so much better to follow that lead. Like wise if there’s something he doesn’t like then you might secretly be thinking that you need to bring him around, but the first date isn’t the place to try!

Take me somewhere special: How about you just keep it simple and go for a walk, in the knowledge that there’s a great bar/pub somewhere en route. A walk doesn’t have to be a country affair, it can be around town, or a town that’s new to both of you. Do let your date know what you’re planning though. There’s nothing worse than sore feet when you’re trying to impress each other.

Film – but dinner too please! We were divided on the topic of whether the two of you should be the main topic, or whether there should be a separate main topic that’ll give you something to talk about. On that basis we agreed that if you want to see a film, then make sure you go for drinks, or dinner afterwards. That way if you’re on the shy side you’ve got the film to talk about until you feel confident enough to start talking about yourself.

Sport. This depends completely on the two of you. We love an hour of badminton, and we’ve got table tennis in the office. Every new starter has to play ping pong in their first hour and it’s an amazingly good ice beaker if you mess around a bit and so we’re all likely to involve sport in a date pretty soon, even though it’s non-competitive really.

Cook dinner: We all agreed that we’d be well impressed if someone cooked us dinner. The pressure would be on and it’s probably only a good idea for a first date if you’ve got a great pad and you’re confident with what you’re cooking. Probably best to keep it simple and it could be great fun. Great a bottle of great wine, for the small amount of extra costs it often tastes massively better, and keep the food light.

London. Edinburgh. York. Manchester, Brighton. If you’re lucky enough to live near a great city then just go to town, pick a bar, or somewhere to eat, but take in the sights a bit too. If you live in a city look it up on line – it’s surprising just how you become accustomed to the place you live and you forget its good bits, instead doing the stuff you always do.

Above all – keep it light hearted. You don’t want to scare them off, but you will need to give some thought to where you’re going, whether that thing is open, and whether you’ll need to let your date know so that there wear the right clothes. It can be so exciting I just hope you don’t get too nervous!

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